THE EDITOR WRITES: “Like refreshing a miracle,” writes Steve on page 7. And if miracles need refreshing, then so - from time to time - do magazines. It’s been a year since we published an issue of The Pilgrim. The Pilgrim has been on pilgrimage, you might say. And now it’s back. Exitus-reditus, to borrow an idea from St. Thomas Aquinas. Emanation and return. You breathe out, you breathe in. From spirit into matter again. A journey, a homecoming. One of the particular strengths of our writing community has been its capacity, over the years, to absorb the cycles of exitus-reditus as they manifest in the lives of our writers, whether in the form of physical absences or shifts in psychic location. It can take months, sometimes years. But the writer, if we’re lucky (and we are lucky), comes back; the writing comes back; The Pilgrim comes back; and we, having been here all along, are refreshed. 


Pilgrim #48 features, in 20 action-packed pages, the work of over 70 writers. Some of them are pillars of this magazine, well known to regular readers; many others, too numerous for individual mention, are appearing for the first time. What can you expect? The usual barrage of revelation. “I heard my name bouncing off the city,” writes Daniela Hilditch. Erik Davis finds that Love itself is homeless. “The inducement to go nowhere,” writes Cliff Avery, “is everywhere.” Less prose this time, for some reason, and more flying shards of poetry. But don’t cover your eyes. Open them wider.   

                                                                                           James Parker

The Cathedral Church of St. Paul  

138 Tremont Street Boston, MA 02111